We are the home of kiosks, local eateries and small holder farmers

Why engineers are joining Kyosk

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    Close to strategy

    You will be part and parcel of company strategy through numerous workforce consultations, brainstorming sessions and execution layouts.

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    Access to leadership

    You will enjoy an open and well organized company structure that will greatly enable your access to leadership for a wide variety of reasons be it strategy alignment or idea sharing.

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    Fast growing company

    You will be part of a vision oriented company that is ever evolving in its services as well as technology in empowering Africa’s traditional retailers.

Our Product & Tech Team Stories

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    Gavin Harvett

    We continue to grow our world-class team of Product and Software engineering talent from across the African continent. Our remote working philosophy is supported by self-motivated, driven individuals who rally around the common vision of empowering traditional retailers in Africa.

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    Elijah Muraya

    At Kyosk, I get to have the two things that I value most in my engineering career: 1: Doing work that matters:  we get to build products that empower informal retailers all across Africa, to do business better on a daily and grow themselves 2: Work with cool toys 😎:  as an engineer, I always want the flexibility to innovate with new tools and ideas, to solve both new and old interesting problems. At Kyosk, I get to do the above and much more (don’t get me started on the career-ladder growth opportunities 😉).

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    Seetal Bachu

    At Kyosk, we have the amazing opportunity to build solutions that provide real impact on the informal retail sector across the African continent. Our solutions enable access for the informal retailer starting from the FMCG (Fast Moving Retailer Goods) space all the way to insurance, credit, utility payments, and much more.

    In the Engineering space, we pride ourselves on being dynamic which allows team members to work in exciting areas of their interest. For example, I personally have had the amazing opportunity to lead highly innovative teams and to also have direct exposure to solving our customers’ problems. This has played a huge role in shaping my everyday decisions ensuring we are always at the forefront of our customers’ needs. Thinking about the customer first.

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    Lewis Munene

    I can describe working at Kyosk as being exciting, motivating, stirring, and fulfilling. It is a highlight of my professional career because I get to work with talented engineers, interesting perspectives, diverse applications of technology, and never-seen-before system architectures; all this is towards a great cause. I have learned much and have been challenged to come up with innovative ways to solve problems, and it is fulfilling because the input I give actually counts towards making the lives of millions of people better.

  • Anne Mbugua

    Country Product Manager