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    Get reliable deliveries

    Stockouts due to poor distribution coverage cost leading FMCG companies 6 – 8% of gross sales in Africa. We help you significantly increase your stock availability by providing you with data about the coverage of your stock in the market.

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    Increased sales from shorter delivery lead times

    Longer delivery lead-times lead to working capital being redirected to easier to source items (e.g. milk) thereby reducing potential sales. By partnering with Kyosk, you ensure that your products are delivered to retail outlets in the shortest order-to-delivery lead time thereby avoiding lost sales.

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    A direct-marketing channel

    Our mission is to bridge and ease the connection between traditional retailers who retail in kiosks and other similar retail outlets and fast-moving consumer goods companies (FMCGs) by communicating reliable demand data from retail outlets to the FMCGs while still managing the delivery of the goods to the kiosks.

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    Reduce cost-to-serve

    By using our platform, FMCG companies will be able to avoid the expense of developing their own kiosk-dedicated distribution channels. We provide you with the pertinent data that enables you to be targeted and specific in market storms, and other demand-generating initiatives, thereby reducing your cost to serve kiosks.

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