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Our platform enables our customers with traceability of the products they are buying, which includes farmer details, location of the farm and at what conditions the produce is grown. Our objective is to make farming sustainable for the farmer and provide consistent supply without price fluctuations to commercial kitchens and open air markets ( kibandas ).

Kyosk completed the acquisition of KwikBasket in July 2023, in a move aimed at accelerating our expansion into the Fresh produce market. This acquisition came with the launch of our Kyosk Farm and Kyosk Fresh lines of business driven towards unlocking the full potential of farming in Africa and creating a fair and efficient marketplace that benefits all stakeholders in the food chain.

“This acquisition marks a major milestone for Kyosk as we broaden our footprint in the fresh produce market in Africa and enhance our offering to cater to the needs of farmers, retailers, kitchens, eateries, and other consumers,” said Raphael Afaedor, co-founder, and CEO at Kyosk Digital Services.

  • Consistent supply of wide variety, high quality produce

    At Kyosk Fresh, we take pride in offering a comprehensive full basket of fresh produce, minimizing the need for you to engage with multiple suppliers.

    As part of our commitment to meeting at least 75% of your food requirements, we've expanded our range to include non-fresh items such as poultry meat, butter, and cheese. This diverse selection not only caters to your varied needs but also guarantees a consistent supply of top-tier products, facilitating an efficient inventory process and minimizing stockouts.

    Partnering with over 5000 farmers, we ensure an uninterrupted, year-round supply of produce to meet your evolving demands."

  • Food Safety, Transparency & Traceability

    At Kyosk Fresh, we prioritize your peace of mind by ensuring transparency in price visibility on our platform. Our commitment to food safety is evident through rigorous handling practices, state-of-the-art packaging, and the use of refrigerated trucks for transportation to maintain optimal freshness.

    By establishing direct partnerships with local farmers and implementing quality control measures throughout the entire process — from the farm to the warehouse to dispatch — we seamlessly streamline traceability. Your trust in the safety and quality of our products is our top priority.

  • Ensuring Stability & Competitiveness in prices

    At Kyosk Fresh, we are committed to maintaining stability in produce prices, empowering you to effectively manage your food costs.

    Our dedication to offering competitive prices not only helps you control expenses but also enables you to provide attractive menu prices to your customers while ensuring robust profit margins.

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